Mediation specialists, The Center for Resolution of Disputes provides legal mediation to Cincinnatians facilitating dispute resolution in Cincinnati, Ohio and Norther Kentucky area

Mediate dispute in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky
Mediation Works!

Mediation is the primary service of the Center for Resolution of Disputes. The Center also provides other dispute resolution services, including arbitration, facilitation, training in negotiation and mediation, and dispute resolution systems design. The Center offers proven, professional expertise in resolving conflicts without litigation. The Center's services are available in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and in other parts of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Since the Center was founded in 1988 the Center's mediators have handled more than 3500 disputes, including cases referred by the courts and disputes brought to the Center by parties on a private basis. We mediate a wide variety of disputes, including:

As an alternative to litigation, mediation is typically less expensive and less time-consuming, leaves control of the outcome in the hands of the disputing parties rather than a judge and jury, and leaves the parties free to fashion their own solutions.

The Center also offers arbitration services to resolve commercial, employment, construction, and other disputes.

As an alternative to litigation, arbitration can be less costly and less time-consuming and at the Center the parties have the opportunity to tailor the arbitration process to maximize the benefits that arbitration has over litigation in court.

If you have a conflict situation or dispute in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky or in another part of Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, call The Center for Resolution of Disputes for professional expertise in resolving the conflict or dispute, 513-721-4466.

resolution dispute mediation in Cincinnati, Ohio or Northern Kentucky

Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky dispute mediation facilitating conflict resolution

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