Bea V. Larsen
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Senior mediator Bea V. Larsen has mediated over 1,050 disputes, primarily dissolutions, divorces and post-decree matters. She was trained as an attorney at Salmon P. Chase College of Law (1969) and trained in mediation and negotiation at Harvard Law School, the Center for Dispute Settlement, the Divorce and Marital Stress Clinic and the Erickson Mediation Institute.

Family Law Mediation provides a less expensive, less time consuming process in which a skilled mediator guides the parties down a peaceful, respectful path to resolution of all required decisions (parenting, property and support). The participants retain control and avoid courthouse conflict. As an experienced family law attorney, Bea Larsen has witnessed the destructive nature of divorce litigation. She is committed to helping families find an alternative way to reach agreement, on their own terms.

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J. Michael Kaufman
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Attorney J. Michael Kaufman, previously affiliated with the Center for Resolution of Disputes for ten years, continues to independently provide family law mediation as part of his private domestic relations law practice. For more complete information regarding Michael Kaufman and his law practice, please click on the website link, EMail or telephone him with the information provided above.

Lori Ross

Attorney Lori Ross, previously affiliated with the Center, continues to independently provide civil mediation services with Cincinnati Mediation and Dispute Resolution LLC. For more complete information regarding Lori Ross and her civil mediation practice, please contact her directly.